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Clothing Tips

-Keep it simple

-Solid colors are best. Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors. They draw attention away from the face.

-Long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended. They draw attention away from the arms and focus it on the face. (Short sleeves are acceptable for infants and small children).

-Coordinate your attire from head to toe, carefully selecting appropriate shoes and stockings.

High School Senior Portraits

-Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor photographs.

-Middle tones or deeper solid colors are ideal for formal portraits

-Bright colors look great with our color key backgrounds

-Avoid large prints or patterns that detract from your face

-Choose long sleeved shirts or sweaters rather than short sleeved.

-Hair... Plan to wear your hair in a style you're comfortable with.

-Avoid new cuts or styles.

-Glasses... If you wear glasses, wear them for Your portrait, but have the lenses removed.

-For Girls... Keep your make-up natural and fresh.

-For Guys... A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it's neatly trimmed.

Family Portraits

-Darker clothing tends to minimize body size, and light tones tend to emphasize body size.Necklines are important. A "vee" or "scoop" neck is best if your neck is short and your face is full. A turtle neck or high necked garment is more flattering if your neck is longer and your face is slender.

-Dress everyone in the same style of clothing. Do not mix casual and formal attire.

-Keep the tonal range of clothing within the group the same. Do not mix light and dark values. Save patterns for accent items like scarves and neckties.

-White or light pastel clothing, shoes, stockings, pants or dresses look best in portraits taken against a white or light background. Save stronger colors and patterns for accent items

-Shoes and socks are also important. Mixing dark sandals with white tennis shoes and socks will draw the eye to lightest area in the photograph.

To assure a successful family portrait, it is best for each member of the family bring along several additional clothing choices.

Poor Clothing



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