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Why Chura's?

The services you need, when you need them.

For over 40 years Phil Chura has been creating beautiful memories and portraits for his clients. (Families, children, high school seniors, weddings and business professionals.) He is a PPA Certified Photographer obtaining his certification in 1996. He is a portrait artist and also a FAA Certified Remote Pilot. He is a member of Seacoast Camera Club, Hampton Falls Art Association, and the Photographic Society of America.

With extensive knowledge in photography and video Chura's can help you create family heirlooms that you and your family will cherish forever. We will spend time analyzing your needs and determine which methods will be most cost effective to do your project. We will give you several options and will recommend a strategy which will give you the maximum return on your investment. We are a small mom and pop studio and have significantly lower overhead than store front studios. Our costs are less. You save money!

Quality Guaranteed

We print our own work. All our photographs carry a full lifetime guarantee. The processes we use far exceeds the life of typical photographic paper. (30 years) Our color printing is guaranteed 100 years against fading. Our black and white has a 200 years guarantee. At Chura's, we understand that finding that right photographer can sometimes feel a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. For over 40 years Chura's has built strong relationships with his clients. At Chura's we guarantee every piece of our work. If you’re not happy with the finished result, we will continue working on your project for free until you are satisfied or give you your money back.

No Charge for Archiving.
All out photographic jobs are stored in house for Free for seven years. We realize memories are precious and sometimes we need to resurrect a clients file because of life changing events.

Prints vs. digital
All digital images are edited in to the highest photographic standards. Clients get full copyright release to make their own prints.

Expertise regardless of location

In-studio or on location. We have the capacity of two indoor studios and two portable mobile studios. At Chura's you can be confident we will deliver results which exceed your expectations. We will get the job done to your timescale, your budget and your high standards.

Price quote.
If it takes less time to do your project than we estimated you save money. If it takes longer we absorb the cost.

Check our references.

Feel free to check out "Google reviews Chura's Photography " and the New Hampshire BBB. We have an A rating and not even a member!

Receive a free gift from Chura's Photography

At Chura's Photography we want to help save your money. Memories are precious. We take the time to do memories right. Every one of our patrons receive a free gift at the completion of their project. It’s just a small ‘thank you’ gift for trusting us with your photography.

You'll have fun!

Introductory Special
Individual, couple or small family just $325. (includes clothing consultation, studio session, artwork, a 11x14 mounted wall portrait, and two large 8x10 gift portraits.) Other specials are available. Call for details.

Got a photography need? Call us now 603-926-9779 or text us 603-918-0360 The consultation is FREE.

What Our Clients say about us:

Portrait Photographer New Hampshire

A couple months ago a young couple came in for family portraits. We talked about how important to have a family portrait captured. We talked about the possibility of gift portraits for her mother and grandmother. She explained to me that she also wanted a small portrait for her great grandmother who was in a nursing home _97 years old. I ask her if she realized that her children were the 5th generation and that 5 generation photographs are extremely rare. I encouraged her to try to get a 5 generation portrait. Time was the essence. A few weeks later they came into the studio for another portrait session.. The great grandmother thanked me several times for the portrait of her and her mom and and for the 5 generation photo. A portrait and great memories she would cherish forever and the kids will have a portrait of them with their great great grandmother when they get older....

Wedding at  the Pelham Inn, Pelham, New Hampshire by Chura's Photography

Chura's Photography did an awesome job at my wedding! His professionalism was outstanding. My album was unique and beautiful, and all the special effect pictures were awesome. He even did a great job with our engagement photos. Overall Matt and I would recommend him to friends and family even strangers that were looking for nice pictures and the experience. Tara M

1st Communion Photographer, studio session with sisters

Chura's Photography did a fantastic job on my daughters 1st communion portraits! I came to the Chura's for 1st communion photographs and I decided to get my 3 girls photographed together. The girls had a lot of fun. The pictures were fantastic. I would definitely come back again. Helga S.

Family Beach Photographer New Hampshire

I really didn't know what to expect going into the session. The session was easy and everyone had a lot of fun. Phil was patient and a pleasure to work with. He guided us each step of the way and gave us more choices than we ever expected. We couldn't ask for a more beautiful portrait. We will highly recommend him.Dr. Dave and Kim S.

Beach Photographer, family reunion photographed at Odion Point New Hampshire. by Chura's Photography

My husband saw the sign and we liked the website. Phil picked the location and the time of day for 23 people in a photograph. He reviewed the clothing to wear and the session was easy and fun. The previews looked fantastic. The location and the background made the images look like a painting. After being treated to a multimedia slide show in the studio, we were able to view the photos on-line at home. We were able to move heads around to get the final image just the way we liked it. The only difficulty we had was there was so many great photos to choose from. Phil was very flexible and had great ideas through-out the whole process. I would highly recommend him for any photo situation. Ellen A

I am remiss about sending you this testimonial sooner. Never in my life could I imagine winning a portrait session at your studio that included my two children, my two dogs, my husband and I that came out so fabulously. Isn't it the number 1 rule of photographers, "never work with kids and pets"? Whoever made that rule hasn't met you! Our photographs were fantastic! We walked into your studio with 2 kids who were fighting with each other, 2 -100 pound dogs not yet a year old, my husband reluctant for yet another one of Sue's "great ideas" and me frazzled. Please show people this letter and then show them the end result! I defy anyone to guess what state we were in on arrival. But like magic, we stepped into the studio and as if on cue, the fights stopped, the puppies calmed, the photo shoot was quick and we have some great family memories! We used 1 photo for our Christmas cards last year and an enlargement for my rogues gallery! Since then, we have asked you to duplicate others of the kids, just the dogs and also prepare a professional head shot for me, all off the same photo shoot! What a photographer does with photos after the picture is actually taken is truly a work of art! Thanks again! We'll be back! Sue H.

"I first heard of Chura's through my work. I came initially for executive portraits about 4 years ago. Since then I moved to Portland Me, I have tried a few other photographers, but none as good as Chura. I came back to get it done right!" Jennifer E.

"Didn't know what to expect, but we had a blast! Pictures were awesome better than I had imagined. We surprised our parents - the expressions on their faces was priceless. I actually saw a tear or two in my mother's eyes." Courtney R

"We love our children so much and the portrait you maid for us reminds us why. Each one of the personalities was captured perfectly. We made the right choice choosing Chura's Photography. God Bless you". Sharon and David S

"I first met Mr. Chura at a school function. When I came into the studio, (I found) it was very easy to relax and easy to take my pictures. I felt very comfortable. Everything about my senior pictures was great! I loved how he captured my personality through my photographs. It was easy! Mr. Chura has a talent for great photographs." Emma H. - Newmarket High School

"Portraits were first seen by a fellow student at school. We also visited the website, the website was very helpful. Photographer was friendly and offered many different poses. He made everyone feel comfortable and he had a lot of patience. The atmosphere was wonderful and the slide show was great. He offered many suggestions for posing. The lighting was great and we had a lot of backgrounds to choose from. Chura’s Photography was very cooperative and also was able to make them look “magical.”. Stephanie B

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